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8 Painting Trends for Interior and Exterior Paint Jobs

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Whether you’re painting the inside or outside of your home, finding the perfect paint color can be difficult. Repainting it the same color is always an option, but what if you want to change up the color to add a different atmosphere or to match new furniture and decor?

Keep reading to learn some new interior and exterior painting trends that homeowners in the Portland area are excited about. 

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Tips on how to pick a paint color

Choose a color that means something to you

When push comes to shove, you are going to live with your new paint color every day. The most important thing is that you like the color. While you don’t need a deep emotional reason for your selection, think about paint colors you’ve liked at friends’ or family members’ homes. 

Make sure it is timeless

While you need to be happy and it can be exhilarating to explore trending colors that look fresh and feel vibrant, make sure that any paint color you select will stand the test of time and still look good to you (and anyone else who may buy your house) years into the future.

Make sure it is a color that will help your home’s value 

In a similar vein, certain colors are more widely appreciated than others. If you don’t plan on selling your home for a decade or longer, then this is less important. But if you might sell your home in the coming years (or if this is even a possibility), we recommend considering if a paint color will hold broad curb appeal.

In the interior of your home, this often means warm, neutral colors such as beiges, grays, and tan. On the outside, classic colors are always a high ROI option.

Choose a color that goes with your design

Let’s face it — not all colors are good for all situations. And certain colors go well with different design features of decor that you have in your home. 

For your home’s exterior, this can mean being aware of the design style of your home. If you have a colonial-style home, choosing a classic color and subtle accents is going to look better than a vibrant or eclectic color choice. In your home’s interior, we recommend painting a color that compliments your decor, furniture, and flooring. 

Test. Test. Test.

We’ve seen it happen hundreds of times. A homeowner selects the perfect paint color for their home in the shop. They’ve done loads of research and thought hard about the perfect color. But when it goes in the wall and the paint has dried after an entire room has been painted, it doesn’t look the same and does not meet expectations. 

Paint will look different depending on the lighting in your room (or home exterior) and a variety of other factors. The only way to know if the paint color you’ve selected will look right in your home is by testing the color to ensure it is satisfactory under the actual conditions it will exist in.

Use the right paint type

While it may all seem the same, there are many different types of paint for different situations and surfaces. And it´s not only about exterior and interior paint.

The 2 most common types of paint are water and oil-based, and both have distinct advantages for different situations. This is one area where there is little wiggle room — using the wrong type of paint can lead to decreased durability, poor aesthetics, or even damage to your home. Learn more about paint types to ensure you select the right type of paint for your situation.


4 exterior paint color trends

White doesn’t have to be too traditional

Don’t be afraid of classic colors. Traditional colors such as white are making a big comeback this decade, and for good reason. White holds value, is popular, and looks great with many different home styles. What’s not to love?

Desert colors are in 

While this isn’t a great color for all home styles, stucco homes look great with tan, earthy colors. Match this with vibrant plant life and pared-down landscaping and this exterior paint trend is one of our favorites.

Black out

While in the past darker colors were a faux pas, an emerging trend is darker colored exterior paint jobs. While traditional black may be a bit too much for some, charcoal is a popular color. Want to lean into this trend even more? Go with a lighter shade of charcoal as an accent color along with a darker primary exterior paint color. 

Painted front doors 

While this isn’t a specific color, a popular trend over the past couple of years has been a vibrantly colored painted door. This allows you to add some personality to the exterior of your home while still choosing a more traditional color as the primary exterior paint (or not!). Just make sure to choose a door paint color that compliments your primary color well!


4 interior paint color trends

White always works 

Just like with the exterior of your home, white never goes out of style. A white interior looks classy and provides a clean and calm look. It also makes low-light rooms look bigger and more inviting. Remember, there are lots of shades of white to choose from, so there is still plenty of room to zero in on the perfect shade.

But nothing wrong with a dark wall here and there

On the other end of the spectrum, we are seeing a modern trend of dark wall colors in modern homes. Dark walls provide a moodier aura in a home. Common dark wall colors include deep green and dark blues. 

Colored cabinets 

A recent kitchen trend we’ve seen is painted cabinets. While this was always big with cottage-style homes, this trend is making a comeback for homes of all styles. Not only is this an economical option compared to installing new cabinets, it also adds a whole layer of customization that’s not generally possible. 

Nature-inspired colors 

Particularly here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by nature. If you find yourself inspired by the natural wonders of Oregon, the recent theme of nature-inspired hues might just be for you. This is a great option for homes filled with plants and natural light. Some of our favorite hues are shades of green such as sage, as well as tan and beige.


Let’s paint your home the perfect color

At Bluenote Painting, we help home and commercial property owners with the entire painting process. Between choosing a color that’s right for your project, prepping your space for the paint job, or expertly applying the paint, you won’t find anyone more dedicated to excellence than Bluenote Painting. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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