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What to Do When Experiencing Bubbling Paint

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At Bluenote Painting, we work with home and commercial property owners to restore their properties to their former glory. 

We talk to property owners all the time about bubbling paint. Often, these property owners would like to “fix” a section of their home or commercial property that is experiencing bubbling paint.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to simply fix bubbling paint — in almost all cases a property will need to be completely repainted. In some extreme cases, new siding might be needed to truly fix the root of the issue.

If you’re experiencing cracked, peeling, or bubbling paint, don’t wait to act. Continue reading to learn more about bubbling paint and how to get your property looking great.



Can you just fix bubbling paint?

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Damaged paint is a problem. While you can just paint over peeling or an otherwise damaged paint job, often it’s not so simple. 

Usually, there’s a reason behind the cracking, peeling, or bubbling paint. Until that fundamental issue is fixed, you are likely to experience the same issue all over again. 

In other words, just painting over a section of bubbling or peeling paint will not do anything to return your home or business to its former glory. Before long, it will look just as it did prior to the new paint job or “fix.”

In order for a paint job to look great and last long, the paint must properly bond to the surface you’re painting and not separate. If the siding, drywall, or any other surface you’re painting is damaged, your paint will continue to bubble or crack. This is often the case when cracked, peeling, or bubbling paint is “repaired.” Too much damage has been done to recover the paint job without starting over. 

If you’re experiencing damaged paint, it might be time to invest in a new paint job for your home or business. 



Ready to truly “fix” your bubbling paint with a new paint job? Contact us today for a free quote.



What causes bubbling or peeling paint?

Unfortunately, bubbling paint is extremely common here in the Pacific Northwest. This is in great part because many painting contractors will just paint over bubbling paint or otherwise do a poor job of prepping and painting your property. 

But it’s also because of the weather. Not only is it extremely wet, but it’s also extremely hot and sunny in the summer. These are 2 of the biggest culprits of peeling paint, so it’s no wonder that bubbling paint is common here in the Pacific Northwest.

5 biggest causes of peeling paint

  • Moisture breaking through the coat of paint, causing it to separate from the surface
  • Dry air or hot temperatures causing paint to dry out and separate 
  • Poorly prepared surface prior to initial painting work
  • The wrong paint was used for the job
  • The paint job has reached the end of its life 

Luckily, while bubbling paint is extremely common here in the Portland area, professional and experienced painters can paint your home to ensure that a new paint job will look great and protect your home for the long-term.



How Bluenote can help

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At Bluenote Painting, our residential and commercial painters are experienced in rehabbing properties with bubbling, cracking, and peeling paint. We’ll prepare your walls to receive a fresh coat of paint and make sure that it’s set up for success.

Our painters are professionals and will treat your space as if it were their very own. We take pride in working efficiently, respectfully, and quietly. 

We’re here to tackle any size painting project you have for us, from single rooms to your entire property. We’ll even help you select the perfect color and finish to breathe new life into your space.



Bubbling paint FAQ

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Can bubbling paint be fixed?

Bubbling paint cannot be fixed without treating and repainting the affected area. In some extreme cases, a home with severe bubbling paint might also need to have its siding replaced in order to return the property to good condition long-term.

Can I just paint over bubbling paint? 

When bubbling paint is just painted over, the root issue causing the bubbling paint will not be fixed. This will cause the bubbling paint to reappear sooner than later and not actually “fix” the issue.

Can just the area where there is bubbling paint be treated?

While it’s not possible to only treat one small section of a wall, in some rare instances a specific wall might be the only place affected by bubbling paint. In these cases, a repainting of the affected area might be possible. In almost all cases, a full paint job of an entire home or commercial property will be necessary for lasting and long-term results.


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