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Bluenote Painting Featured in domino

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We are proud to announce that a home we worked on with Stephanie Dyer and Dyer Studio Inc has been featured in domino, an online publication highlighting interior design and home improvement. 

Read the post and see how we helped this homeowner discover the beautiful home of their dreams.


A kitchen built on a green velvet pillow

Stephanie and her team based the design of this beautiful home remodel on a green velvet pillow the homeowner provided for direction.

In collaboration with Dyer Studio, we chose colors and accents inspired by this pillow and the design direction of Stephanie’s team. 

These long-time Portland homeowners decided to remodel the 1920’s bungalow home they’d lived in for years. While they had gotten used to the quirks of the home, they wanted a modern look and updated functionality throughout their home, but especially in their kitchen. 

To achieve this, Stephanie did a wonderful job designing a remodel that modernized the home while still honoring its history and charm. A key part of achieving this was the classic coloring and flawless interior painting.


How did we help with this home remodeling project?

At Bluenote Painting, we’re known for our attention to detail, expert crew, and professional consultations. 

We worked with Stephanie Dyer to make sure that this beautiful home was given the paint job it deserved. Bluenote Painting was the lone painter for this project, using over 13 colors to create the rich tapestry of colors and accents that bring this home alive. We painted the cabinets, the walls, and everything in between.

Some of our favorite colors we used include an electric orange, deep teal, and olive hue.

We LOVE how not only our paint job turned out, but the entire home remodeling project. We think the results are beautiful and that the rich colors and deep hues accentuate the home and personality of the homeowners!


The Bluenote Painting process

At Bluenote Painting, we’re proud of our work painting interiors and exteriors of homes and commercial spaces across Oregon! 

We are are experts in not only providing flawless painting work, but doing it the right way. Our entire team places a priority on treating property respectfully and working with homeowners to make the process as simple as possible

When you hire Bluenote Painting for your next painting project, we’ll…

  1. Help you select the exact right paint for your home or business. This step is crucial for a successful paint job.
  2. Protect your property from paint spills. We cover flooring and the parts of your home that won’t be painted to ensure a clean worksite.
  3. Prepare the painting surface using industry-standard methods to ensure the project comes out flawlessly.
  4. Paint your home in the most efficient, respectful, quiet, and professional way imaginable. Our expert painters have experience with all types of paint and can deliver on your high expectations.
  5. Clean up so that we leave your home or business in a better condition than we found it.


How can we help your project?

At Bluenote Painting, we’re here to help you with your home painting project. Whether you need us to work in conjunction with a home remodeler, or you just want a fresh coat of paint on your walls, we’ll help you achieve the perfect coat of paint. We’re committed to your absolute satisfaction and won’t rest until your satisfied

Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. We’re offering germ-free bids! 

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