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Paint Trends for Summer 2015

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Color experts have already decided which colors will come to define Summer 2015. These experts are trained to predict, read into the trends of society, and from this, infer what colors will be the latest in interior design. While drawing information for the runway, the housewares industry, showrooms, trade shows and magazines, these color designs take into consideration the events of our nation. Let’s see what they have to say for this year’s decorating solstice.

Naturally, gray comes to the forefront, as it covers a wide range of hues; from soft gray that almost seems to white to a charcoal dark enough to craft a portrait. By adding a metallic or pearlescent accent to the color, one could add an entire dimension to a room. With snaps of bold colors or cool accents, the options are limitless when considering a room cast in shades of gray.

As our country continues on its climb to becoming an eco-friendly nation, shades of green are never a bad choice. By accentuating your room with green fabrics, accessories, cabinets, or countertops, one can take full advantage of the current color trend. A mixture of mint green with classic green is sure to give your home a fresh feel and new appearance.

Perhaps one of the most delicate colors of the summer is aquamarine. Making its stance on the runway, it’s apparent that the hottest homes in the area will pair aquamarine, with its cool and soothing undertones, with deeper hues in order to take advantage of the coolest color combination this season. The best combination for aquamarine is made by pairing it with both brighter and calmer tones.

Taking its notes from seasons past, an almond color has made its appearance in this year’s spread of hot colors. Almond colors take their cue from the brown color family, but lend themselves to several color combinations that are top notch this season, including almond colored paint with lavender touches.

By bringing the hottest colors for Summer 2015 to your attention, we hope that you reconsider the color scheme for your future painting project. There has never been a time where different shades paired with bolder and brighter accent colors has been more popular. A homeowner cannot go wrong in choosing which paint hue will best suit the home; there is always a complimentary color waiting to paired through an accent pillow or throw. Synthesizing these colors will ensure that homeowners catch enviable looks from each and every neighbor!

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