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7 Unexpected Benefits of Painting Your Home

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For those looking for a low-cost way to transform the look and curb appeal of their home, there is little doubt that an exterior or interior paint job provides a great ROI. But the benefits don’t stop there. 

Whether you are looking for better protection for your home’s exterior, better air quality inside, or you just want to make your home easier to maintain, there are lots of reasons to paint your home! 

Read on to learn 7 unexpected benefits of painting your home.


1. Protection from the elements 

If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest investment. But isn’t it strange that our biggest investment is just sitting out in the elements, taking a beating from harsh winter weather and scorching summertime sun?

Fortunately, savvy homeowners can protect their home against the elements with premium paint like we use at Bluenote Painting. By repainting your home when your paint starts to deteriorate and using an experienced painter like Bluenote Painting, you’ll lessen the risk of a catastrophic home issue and keep your home protected from the elements. 


2. To increase the life of your siding 

Did you know that in order to get the most out of your home’s wood siding you must paint it regularly? In fact, by neglecting your home’s wood siding and letting an old paint job deteriorate over the years, you are ruining what may be perfectly good siding! 

Without the weather protection that good paint provides, moisture and sun start to eat away at the strength and effectiveness of your siding. When allowed to go unchecked, not keeping up with paint jobs can actually completely ruin even relatively new siding! 

In the end, trying to save money by putting off painting your home’s wood siding may end up costing you more in the end, as you’ll have to replace your home’s siding sooner.


3. Increasing your home’s value

You aren’t the only one who likes the look of a freshly painted home. Homes that are regularly painted just flat out look better. This is due not only to how good a fresh coat of paint looks, but also because it keeps your home a modern color and makes your home’s siding much easier to properly clean and maintain. 

Plus, when a potential buyer sees that your home hasn’t been painted in years and is beginning to deteriorate, they’ll start wondering what else you didn’t take care of. This will put doubt into a potential buyer’s mind and make it less likely that they’ll extend a generous offer. 

Better looking homes will ALWAYS receive higher offers than ones that look outdated or like they’re in disrepair. A fresh paint job will ensure your home looks great and like it has been taken care of since you’ve owned it.


4. Because you want a new look

Not everything has to come down to nickels and dimes. Some homeowners just want to switch things up and discover a new look in their home.

Most people spend more time at home than anywhere else — you deserve to absolutely adore how it looks. Maybe you bought the home in its current color and have never liked it. Or maybe you have bad associations with its current look. A new paint job will give you a fresh perspective on your home.

Not sure what direction to go in to make your home reflect you or your family’s personality? Get in touch! We’ll work with you to make sure you love the look of your home, inside AND outside!  


5. Improve air quality 

Not all paints are created equally, particularly when it comes to indoor paints. Some types of paints are high in VOC, otherwise known as volatile organic compounds. These compounds can be dangerous in poorly ventilated rooms and are a calling card of poor quality indoor paints.

At Bluenote Painting, we use indoor paints with low or no VOC with our interior painting projects. In addition to ensuring a higher air quality in your home, these paints are also higher-quality and will ensure a luxurious-looking room. 


6. Better atmosphere for your family 

It’s amazing what the right color can do for your family’s happiness. As your children start to grow and have their own rooms, make sure to consult them to see what they think about their room’s color. 

Maybe they are into nature and want a green color. Or maybe they love purple and it would make their dream come true to get a purple room. In addition, the right color can emit certain feelings inside your home. For instance, white or light paint can create the impression of more space in a room. 

If you or a family member feel that your home could use a change in feeling or mood, consider an interior or exterior paint job. 


7. Makes your home easier to maintain

The new shine of a fresh coat of paint isn’t the only reason a new paint job looks great. Old paint jobs are just flat out hard to keep clean and maintain. 

Since the finish has degraded, dirt and grime stick much easier to the finish and make it much harder to clean. And even once it’s clean, it will never look fully free of dirt and debris. This is of big importance outside where your home is exposed to the elements, but also inside in your kitchen and bathroom. A fresh coat of paint will make sure that cleaning your home is not a big chore every time you want a fresh looking home.


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