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7 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Without a Major Remodel

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Want to change the look of your kitchen but don’t want to spend BIG money on an entire kitchen remodel? You’re not alone. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank. 

Whether you’re looking to modernize or bring a new atmosphere to the space, keep reading to freshen up your kitchen.


#1 Cabinet painting 

In many ways, your cabinets define the way that your kitchen will look. While many people with outdated or dingy cabinets believe that they need to completely replace their cabinets to achieve a new look, there is another way.

Hiring a cabinet painter like Bluenote Painting can completely restore and reinvigorate your cabinets without the hassle and cost of new custom cabinets. Compared to installing new cabinets, painting your cabinets can be completed quickly and much more economically. Plus, you can customize the look of your cabinets in any way you’d like. 

When you hire Bluenote Painting, we’ll help you choose the perfect paint color and can even install new hardware when restoring your cabinets. We’ll work right in your home, so your cabinets will never have to leave your home to have them looking brighter and fresher than ever before. Contact us today to get started. 


#2 Painting the walls

Just like cabinet painting, painting walls is a simple and fast way to drastically change the look and feel of your home. Many older homes have wallpaper and outdated colors, which can make your home look old-fashioned. Old paint is also more difficult to clean, making it harder to maintain the look of your kitchen and ensuring that you never achieve that freshly cleaned look.

At Bluenote Painting, we have a reputation as one of the best residential painting contractors in the Portland area. We’ll work with you to help you find the perfect paint and handle all aspects of the interior paint job. This is a particularly good option if you are also painting your cabinets, as we’ll be able to coordinate colors to come up with a truly beautiful and transformative look for your kitchen.


#3 New appliances

A simple way to bring your kitchen to the modern age is through new appliances. Modern appliances come in a variety of materials, and offer a combination of energy efficiency, modern designs and aesthetics, and performance that previously was never possible. 

Appliances that can be replaced to make a big impact include:

  • Refrigerators 
  • Ovens and gas-ranges 
  • Microwaves 
  • Dishwashers


#4 Kitchen island

Many expensive new kitchen remodels will often feature a kitchen island as a key element. While many existing kitchens can not add a kitchen island without a layout change, for kitchens with some empty space, free-standing kitchen islands are available. 

These freestanding units offer many benefits of a permanent kitchen island, but at a fraction of the cost. With a kitchen island, you’ll add a visual dimension to your kitchen, add storage space underneath, and add counter space that can make preparing food much more organized. They are one of our favorite ways to improve a kitchen simply! 


#5 New flooring

While still a big project, adding flooring is a popular way to fundamentally change the look and feel of a kitchen. Let’s face it — kitchen floors take a beating. Whether through preparing food, constant foot traffic, or any spills that have happened, kitchen floors don’t last forever.

While still expensive, adding flooring does not require a complete gutting of your kitchen. Be it tile, vinyl flooring, or hardwood floors, your kitchen floors can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodel. New floors will not only look better, but will also be much easier to clean and maintain.

If you don’t want to spring for new floors, certain types of flooring can be restored to like-new condition, including hardwood floors.


#6 New fixtures 

Fixtures are one of the least thought of but most impactful aspects of your kitchen. Whether it is a sink faucet or a lighting unit, these fixtures make a big visual difference in the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Sink faucets don’t last forever, and having a sink fixture that you like and meets your needs is crucial for those of us who use our kitchens a lot. While sinks themselves can be quite expensive to replace, faucets can be more reasonably-priced and arguably make a bigger difference in the look of your kitchen.

Lighting fixtures can add a dynamic element to your kitchen by adding light and complexion through the look of the fixture itself. 


#7 Add a backsplash 

A common DIY project is adding or replacing the backsplash of your kitchen. Just as much visually-pleasing as it is functional, backsplashes add yet another visual layer to your kitchen. They are most often made of tile, but can also be made of vinyl or glass, and can be easy to install by yourself. They also help keep your kitchen clean and are easy to maintain.

We recommend coordinating the look of your backsplash with other elements of your kitchen, such as the color of your cabinets or flooring. 


Let’s work together to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted

At Bluenote Painting, we work with homeowners to help them improve their kitchens with high-quality interior and cabinet painting services. We’ll help you with all facets of painting your kitchen. We work with homes and kitchens of all shapes and sizes! 

Contact us today for a free estimate!

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