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Paint Colors: Why You Can’t Go Wrong with White

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white-interior-painting-project-bluenote-paintingChoosing paint colors for any interior decorating project can be a big task. Even after you have decided on the general color for your walls, it’s time to look at fan decks and paint swatches of color choices in that hue. Colors can also look different depending on the lighting and furnishings in a room.

Let’s say you want to keep your house paint colors simple and paint your room(s) white. In the past, some may have said that was the easy way out, but white paint has taken on a whole life of its own.

Each year, major paint companies take a look at paint trends and declare their “Color of the Year.” Sometimes they are a surprising bright hue of fuchsia or turquoise. But for 2016, these companies took note of the growing trend of white. We see it everywhere. White kitchens are a huge trend as well as white bedrooms and white living spaces. Often these rooms are decorated with natural materials and white furnishings. They evoke a sense of calm and clean, which many of us desire in our homes.

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2016 is Simply White. Sherwin Williams didn’t stray far in choosing Alabaster. Behr declared its color Ivory Keys and Glidden went with Cappuccino White. So why is this such a big trend?

If you can think of your home as a canvas, then white is the perfect backdrop. Having white walls allows the rest of your decor to stand out. Any color can be used as an accent color when your room is white. Hanging colorful art against a large white wall allows the artwork to be the focal point of the room.

Architectural details in a home are often showcased best when the room is painted white. Natural wood beams against a large, bright room really show off the attention to detail.

White rooms work with any style of decor. An all-white room can look contemporary and modern with the right furnishings and art. Cottage style homes can use warm whites to play up the design. Traditional furnishings and dark wood accents look beautiful and stately against white walls.

Choosing the right white can be just as hard as choosing any other color. You have to be careful not to let your room look to stark. Many whites have undertones of yellow, which totally transform the look of a room. When choosing paint colors, use these colors of the year as a starting point. Try a few other shades in your room to make sure you get the one that works best for your space and the mood you want to evoke in the room. Deciding on an accent color or a focal point can also help you set the tone for your style.

When you’re ready to tackle painting jobs in your Oregon City, Oregon home, Bluenote Painting has the team of expert painters ready to handle any job in any paint color.

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