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A deck on your home can be a wonderful asset to your family and friends. But making memories can take their toll, and after many years of use, many homeowners find their decks looking less than desirable. Weather, kids, and pets can all wreak havoc on your deck’s wood. Without proper care and protection, your deck may not last as long as you’d like. Luckily, most decks can easily be refurbished for a fraction of what it would cost to build a new one.

The thought of such a large project can seem overwhelming. You may find yourself baffled at the prospect and asking, “How do we even begin to refurbish a deck?” From the beginning repairs to the final stroke of paint or stain, Bluenote Painting has gathered these tips to make sure you’re prepared for your deck project.

Go ahead and fix your trouble spots.
Inspect your deck for any areas that may need to be repaired or replaced. This is the best time to tackle such damage because any scuffs or scrapes made during the process will soon be covered with a fresh layer of deck paint. Be sure to carefully inspect any part of your deck that touches the ground — posts, stair stringers, and joists. These areas are prone to take on moisture and rot. Identifying and repairing these problems before painting your deck will save you future renovation headaches.

Clean up your deck surface.
Every deck should be cleaned once a year, and if it’s not, it is very important to clean your deck prior to painting or staining. If your deck has become discolored with age, you may want to consider pressure washing. There are several types of chemical cleaning solutions that can be used with a pressure washer to remove tough stains or mildew. Removing these spots will give your deck paint a smooth and even appearance. Pressure washing can cause damage to decks if used by an untrained person. Consider having Bluenote Painting pressure wash for you so it’s one less thing to worry about.

It’s time to go deck paint shopping.
Whether your preferences lie with semi-transparent or solid color stains, your deck needs a protective finish or your investment will be in vain. Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore all carry deck paints ranging from a clear stain, which allows the most visibility of the natural wood grain, to rich, solid colors, such as Sea Foam, that will transform and protect your deck space. Older decks work well with semi-transparent stains, as they let the grain show through while giving your deck a uniform hue. Clear stains are ideal for new wood. Choosing the best deck paint for your home is an exciting experience and one that you’ll be reminded of each time you step into your backyard. Consider all your options and select the best one for you and your family.

With years of deck experience and a more than qualified team of professional painters, Bluenote Painting will be happy to assist or answer any of your deck questions.

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