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Bluenote Painting Completes Project on Two of Oregon’s Premier Country Clubs

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Bluenote Painting is a high-end residential and commercial painting company with a focus on communication and professionalism as the keys to a top-quality finished project.

If you spent any time at the Oregon Golf Club or the Willamette Valley Country Club this past summer, you might have noticed the Bluenote Painting team. Our team was at the Oregon Golf Club during the month of August in preparation for the LPGA Portland Classic. We are one of the only companies in the Portland Metro area that has the capacity to complete a project of this size on a tight timeline of 4 weeks. As you can see in the images below, things have turned out beautifully and we are very appreciative of all of the staff and members’ understanding during this process.

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas is the owner of Bluenote Painting. Rick and his Project Managers, as well as many talented painters, worked tirelessly making sure the facilities were in tip top shape for the LPGA Portland Classic. 

Painting both the Oregon Golf Club and the Willamette Valley Country Club were two of the highlights of our Summer. It’s been great bringing these buildings back to life again. 



Below, browse the stunning work we completed at the Oregon Golf Club and the Willamette Valley Country Club this past summer. 


Oregon Golf Club

Oregon Golf Club

Oregon Golf Clubhouse

Oregon Golf Club 2

Oregon Golf Club 3


Willamette Valley Country Club

Willamette Country Club pool house

Willamette Country Clubhouse

Willamette Country Club

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